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Rab Boreas Pull On – Our Review

1The Boreas Pull On is a bit of strange one at first glance. It falls into the ‘Windshell’ category, but it isn’t one of these Pertex shells that you seem to find everywhere. It is made from a Polymide/Spandex blend, known by Rab as Matrix SWS. It is a soft, comfortable and stretchy fabric, but also one that is light enough and compact enough to not cause any concerns when stashing it in your pack.

3I’ve never really got on with the traditional windshells – whilst I understand their super lightweight and compactness is almost unparalleled in the outdoor world, I’ve never found them very comfortable. They often feel clammy against the skin, are noisy and never seem to hang particularly nicely when you where them. That’s why I was so surprised when I first tried the Boreas. It is completely different and as far as I have seen over the last 2 years of use, doesn’t fall down in any of those pitfalls found in those normal windshells.

4It is UPF 50+ and is a brilliant wicking layer. Using this over the summer of 2013, in those boiling temperatures, it was very cooling and comfortable to wear. The flat lock seams do their job, and improve the feel of the fabric next to the skin.

It is a very slim fit, and being a pull on, can sometimes seem a bit tricky to work your way into, but once it’s one, it really does feel brilliant. The hood is a close fitting, under the helmet kind of hood, so would be ideal for those long summer pitches, where you want a little more protection than just a t-shirt.

2So, as I finish this review off, I find myself wondering if it really is a windshell at all. It’s really a mix of windshell, softshell and base layer all in one, but however you categorise it – it is a brilliant little product, and for only £50.00 for the 2014 season, is extremely good value. It is often overshadowed by lots of exciting new technologies and products, but really, it works brilliantly and is one of the most versatile and well used products I own.

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