Norrona’s answer to the British Wet Weather

Norrona Fjora Dri 1 Cycling Gear

Posted by Colin

You’ve got absolutely no excuses to go out cycling in the rain now!


Check out Norrona’s superb lightweight Fjora Dri 1 waterproof cycle top and over-trousers for Scandinavia’s answer to the British wet-weather programme. Both the Fjora Dri 1 top and Pants boast a range of features and a dry-ride comfort that promises to vastly reduce the usual: ‘it’s raining so I can’t be bothered,’ syndrome.

I’ve used the Fjora Dry 1 jacket and trousers for both on and off road riding that’s included carrying a daypack for hours on end in the murky reaches of Exmoor in some pretty appalling weather.


But even on my daily commute along the converted trailway the surface can get pretty mucky when it’s wet, so the Dry 1 top and bottoms have certainly had their fair share of mud and rain on and off over the last six months, but it’s now mid-September and autumn has hit hard: the temperature has fallen dramatically and the precipitation is, well … precipitating down!

Norrona’s Dri 1 waterproof and breathable fabric really is as good as they promise, the fabric has a warmer, less clammy feel to the touch feel on the inside than some other manufactures fabrics of choice; this is especially nice if you’re wearing short sleeves and the skin comes into contact with the cold inner fabric.


The outer surface fabric is softer than other similarly styled cycle apparel, less crinkly if you like; quieter too. This makes for a comfortable ride as the Dri 1 Jacket and trousers mould to your body and legs. The trousers are snug fitting and you will struggle to get anything else other than cycle shorts on underneath, but that’s the point, the Fjora Dry 1 system is best used in anger out on the trail when pushing hard across the moors and mountains in crappy weather; Norrona’s Fjora Dri 1 cycling apparel is technical, high performance cycle clothing at its best.